Meet Bob Englund

Bob Englund’s consulting expertise is rich and varied; it includes experience in corporations, retail, sales and small business.

After graduating from Drake University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Bob began his financial management career as Assistant Finance Manager for a nationwide wholesaler.

Bob also served as Assistant Vice President of Purchasing for Northwestern National Bank of Minneapolis, where he played an integral role in the Disaster Recovery Taskforce formed after the bank building was destroyed by fire. He received individual recognition for his contribution to the settlement of the insurance claim.

Bob has also served as an Account Representative, marketing and selling computer hardware and software, and was part of the startup team for Personal Growth Network. Before he left to start his own firm he managed a retail pharmacy and eventually negotiated the sale of the store.

Bob’s consulting originated from his natural affinity and skill with numbers and his talent in training and supporting others.

Bob’s niche is developing specific methodologies for his consulting clients.

For example, Bob has developed a process for non-profit social services organizations to efficiently allocate costs among multiple funding streams.

A versatile and adaptable quick study, Bob has represented many businesses in different industries, including:

Commercial and Retail
Commercial Greenhouse
Commercial Furniture Dealer
Commercial Appraiser
Commercial Office Building
Wholesale Warehouse Shipping Supplier
Commercial and Retail Pottery
Car Wash

Medical and Other Professionals
Facial Plastic Surgeon
Law Office
Professional Photographer

Not-for-Profit Organizations
Residential Adult Group Home
Ethnic Social Service Agencies

Personal Coach
Civil Engineering Consultant

Residential Interior Design Firm

Service Providers and Agencies
Credit Bureau
Temporary Agency
Insurance Agency
Trucking Company
Language Translation Company

Builders and Contractors
Landscape Contractor
Home Builder
Lawn Maintenance/Snow Removal Contractor

Computer Testing Equipment Manufacturer


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