What Satisfied, Long-Term
Business Professionals Are Saying
About Bob’s Work:

Does Whatever is Necessary to Get the Job Done Right

“I have known Bob Englund since 1999. I have referred many clients to Bob over the years for bookkeeping and small business management support. I do this with confidence because I know that Bob will help my clients have accurate financial information to make informed business decisions.

I appreciate the fact that if Bob doesn’t know or how to handle an entry, he will call me and clarify what should be done. This helps to save time in preparing year end financial statements and tax returns. Our relationship is more like a partnership than a contractor relationship. This is especially important for my clients to know we are working together as a team to do what is in their best interest.

Whenever I have a client that needs bookkeeping or management support, I do not hesitate to refer Bob Englund to help them out. I know that Bob will do whatever is necessary to help them organize their year-end financials and get timely information to me so I can minimize their tax liabilities.”

Darren Whipps, CPA
Business Manager
Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP

Worth the Peace of Mind He Delivers

“Bob has worked for  Newcombe,  Hansen, Hempler Appraisal, Inc. and Investor’s Realty since March of 1999. He has taken away an extraordinary amount of frustration by keeping a watchful eye on my books. I have two companies and Bob does a great job with both. He’s well worth the peace of mind he brings to our organizations. “

Larry Hempler, President
Newcombe, Hansen, Hempler Appraisal, Inc.
Investor’s Realty

Keeps a Clean Set of Books

“Since 1999 Bob shows up once a month to do my bookkeeping. He was recommended by my accountant, Darren Whipps.  He keeps a clean set of books for me and is always encouraging me to work on collecting fees for work I’ve already done. He doesn’t nag, for which I’m grateful. I know he’s looking out for my best business interests while I continue to do what I do best – be a lawyer.”

Pat Stewart Esq.
Patrick Stewart Law Office

Is Reliable, Accurate, Flexible and Dependable

“Bob Englund has been keeping our books for nearly two decades. He is reliable, accurate and dependable. Because our business is seasonal, we’ve appreciated Bob’s ability to work flexibly with our schedule. He has supported us through two sales tax audits, personally overseeing the entire audit process both times. He prepared all documentation and met personally with the auditor on our behalf. Sometimes it’s tricky to work in a family owned business, but Bob always finds a way to make everyone feel comfortable.”  

 Judy Leipnitz, Owner
South Cedar Greenhouses

Makes My Life Easier by Taking Care of Both the big Things and the Little Things

 “Thank you so much for everything. You’ve made my life so much easier and have straightened out my tangle of bills and IOUs to the IRS. It is so nice to have my books taken care of, my taxes completed monthly and all of the little things (that turn out to be big things) taken care of as well. And all this by a super nice guy. What a deal! “

Greg Nelson, President
Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, Inc.

Compassionate, No Nonsense Leader and Financial Expert

 “As the former Executive Director of Centre for Asian and Pacific Islanders (CAPI), I had the opportunity to work with Bob Englund from April of 1999 to June 2008 as our financial manager. Although Bob’s initial responsibilities were as our bookkeeper, he became a valuable member of our Executive Management Team and represented CAPI as the financial expert at all CAPI board meetings. It is my experience that Bob has a thorough grasp of the non-profit business; a trait that was exceedingly important in keeping our mission-driven organization on a fiscally sound course. As a leader he exhibits a no-nonsense style that is refreshing. In his interaction with our culturally diverse clients and staff he exhibits much compassion and when appropriate he also is able to engage them with humor.”

Vee Phan Nelson, Executive Director

A Pleasure to Work With

“Bob Englund has been working with our companies for over four years.  Not only is he an outstanding accountant, he is a pleasure to work with.  We have two residential home building companies along with a development company and we own and manage commercial buildings which are tenant occupied.  Bob’s ability to relate to and have knowledge of all accounting practices in each of these areas has served us well.  Bob has been flexible with us as our needs and schedules evolve.  He is always willing to accommodate us.  We are extremely happy with the service that Bob provides for us and feel fortunate to be able to count on him as a team member.”

Lynette M. Maas, Owner
Maas Companies

Open Minded Problem Solver

“Bob is the professional I go to when I need a strategic and tactical approach to solve a critical problem, or to get sound advice about my business systems and accounting. I know he truly cares, and that he’ll do everything he can while steering me toward the best, most immediate course of action. Bob is knowledgeable. He takes both the big picture and the small details into consideration. He has an extremely calming presence. He leads confidently, while remaining open-minded and taking my needs and opinions into full consideration.”

Val Olson, Business Marketing Coach

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